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This basic course of instruction for unarmed security officers consists of 4 consecutive days (minimum of 32 hours) of mountain bike training.  This highly sought-after course has been developed to meet the requirements of the rapidly-expanding private security sector. It is designed for unarmed security personnel from a wide array of facilities, including corporations, colleges, casinos, amusement parks, hospitals, shopping & entertainment complexes, sports facilities, and cities which utilize citizen patrols and/or parking enforcement personnel. The goals of the course are to produce confident, competent, and effective personnel who operate in a safe manner and to reduce departmental liability. Well-trained security officers are less likely to cause property damage or injury to themselves, suspects, or third parties. And if injury or property damage is sustained, the possibility of a failure to train, the lawsuit is reduced. Units of instruction include fitness and nutrition, vehicular and technical cycling, basic maintenance, equipment, and security patrol procedures. Much of this demanding course is dedicated to hands-on, practical exercises.

Requirements:  Applicants must be currently assigned to bike patrol, officers applying to become members of a bike unit, or members of a department considering use of the bicycle.  All students will be “on duty” while attending the training and the course registration form will be completed by an authorized department supervisor prior to the student being able to participate. 

Testing Procedure:  Students must: participate in all practical exercises, be able to successfully demonstrate all of techniques to the satisfaction of the Instructor(s), and pass the written examination by a score of 80%.

Certification:  Students who meet the qualification standards will be issued a certificate of completion from Trident until the State’s or the association’s certificates are issued. 

Registration Fees (In New York State):  Are based on the course selected (NYS DCJS, LEBA, or IPMBA) and host location. If contracted out by another hosting agency - minimum of 10 students is required per class.  

Registration Fees (Out Side New York State):  Are based on the course selected (LEBA or IPMBA) and host location. If contracted out by another hosting agency - minimum of 15 students is required per class.

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