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Bike education for our young rides!  Trident can assist your department or community, by setting up and/or providing this one day course for your area.  This course provides bicycle inspections, teaches proper helmet fit, rules of the road and a fun ride around a cone course are all a part of the program to help teach young rider to be safe while operating their bicycles.



Whether your department is in the beginning stages of implementing a bike patrol unit, expanding, or updating your current program we can help you reach your goals.  We will address funding, equipment, policy and Union / PBA issues.  We will assess your unit’s dynamics by reviewing the officer selection process, area of operation, and the roles and responsibilities expected while patrolling.  We will highlight the benefits of continuous in service training to not only maintain existing skills but help develop advanced skill levels.  And we will offer ideas how to structure and manage community bicycle safety education and enforcement programs. 






All services are customized to your department’s needs and all fees are set accordingly. 

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