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Why Trident? 
Trident is defined as having three prongs, points, or teeth.  We felt this name was fitting since we only specialize in serving Police, Security, and EMS and offer the three major training organization’s curriculum.  We incorporated this idea in to our logo by using the front forks and tire on a mountain bike, symbolizing a trident.

How it all got started.  
In 1991, in upstate New York, officers from the City of Corning Police Department, the City of Ithaca Police Department, Cornell University Police, and Ithaca College Office of Public Safety formed FLPMBA (Finger Lakes Police Mountain Bike Association) to follow the trend set forth by both LEBA and IPMBA.  FLPMBA instructors after obtaining their certifications from either LEBA or IPMBA held their first class in the summer of 1992.  As the association grew, FLPMBA with the assistance of both LEBA and IPMBA started to create their own program which incorporated firearms module in the training. 

By 1993, Officers: Fred Myers, Donald Barker, Scott Salino, Bill Vinti, Jim Steinmetz, John Fox, Thomas Hauseman, Jose Dominguez, Stanley Slovik, and Dirk Hightchew approached Joseph Bargovic, Senior Training Technician of New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) finalized the Basic Law Enforcement Bicycle Patrol Course for statewide qualification.

In 1994 FLPMBA in conjunction with New York State DCJS held its first state recognized course at Ithaca College.  Ithaca College has continuously hosted this training ever since. In 2003, Erik S. Merlin (a Master Patrol Officer with the college) took over at Ithaca College as the Course Director for this training when it was in jeopardy of no longer being offer at this location. Merlin has carried on this tradition until his last hosted class in July 2011.

How Trident got started.
Over the past nine years of providing this specialized training, Erik Merlin had come to realize that agencies were requesting additional certifications, qualifications, and services.   Seeing this trend with many departments in our area, Trident Mountain Bike was created to meet these needs and is fully insured.  As Bike Patrols grow and increase within their individual agency programs, departments tend to affiliate with more national and international associations’. Whether or not this is to reduce some of the liability concerns; to obtain advanced training; meet accreditation standards; and/or to have a better curriculum than what their agency / state can currently provide.  It’s Trident’s belief, to meet your departmental needs.  

Erik Merlin has since moved on in his Law Enforcement career and accepted the position as a New York State University Police Officer at SUNY Cortland, located in Cortland, New York.  Merlin continues to provide the highest quality of instruction, and one of the most challenging training courses offered in New York State and thoughout the United States.


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